Second Branch Baptist Church began in a small building located about two miles from our present location in December of 1782.  Our first church building was known as “Traylor’s Meeting House.”   From there our congregation moved to our present site on September 4th, 1791.

It was here that Archer Traylor and Littleberry  West donated one acre of land to the church (along with the house that was located on it). They also gave the church the right to use the adjacent spring which was in continuous use until 1950.  In 1803 the name of the church was changed from “Traylor’s Meeting House” to Second Branch Baptist Church.  Several years later (in 1810) Thomas Burford donated an additional 1/2 acre of land to the church.

Our first pastor, elder Eleazar Clay, served until 1828 and on August 9th of that year, our church officially separated from Chesterfield Church.  Prior to this reorganization, Second Branch Baptist Church was considered the “first arm” of Chesterfield Church.

Records show that our first Sunday School began in 1859 with Mr. Peter Belcher as our Sunday School Superintendent.

When 1863 rolled around our church membership was 207. We experienced a surge in membership that year however.  Pastor Gilbert Mason baptized 69 new members in Second Branch Creek which was used for baptisms until 1941.

In 1889 our church building was enlarged with more  additions added in 1901, 1914, and 1950.  Sadly this building was destroyed, by fire, on April 17th, 1962,

It didn’t take long for our church to rebuild, however, for on June 16th, 1963 we dedicated a new building; the same building which we use today.  Additions were added In 1976 and 1987.

As we move into the 21st century, the life of our church is stronger than ever.  In 2007, SBBC opened it’s new worship center and fellowship hall building addition.  This addtional space also provides for more classroom and music spaces as well as a beautiful fullsize commercial kitchen.  SBBC will not only serve its people well for the coming years, but it is our desire to provide the facility for the community at large.
God has blessed us with over 220 plus years and, through His grace, we continue to serve Him.